“Our world is not just filled with shadow; shadow makes our world. Beware what rocks you turn over, whatever is under there might object.”
– Waylon Brides Master Archivist of the Royal Library

Folston looked at his cousin in shock. “You what?”
“Duke Ishom has agreed to adopt me as his heir. Once I’m on the throne I’ll be able to restore our family name.” Jarvis said. He looked at his cousin confused at the hostility that was clearly evident.
“By all that’s holy Jarvis and what happens if the Duke has children of his own. We had a plan damn you! And since when do you even want any of this, you’ve been running since you were 10.” Folston shouted back.
“He said no to you Folston, he said a bastard can’t keep the allegiances of the other houses. This way gets us something, something is better than nothing.”
“Bastard?! Get out Jarvis! get out! I’ll take the throne without you. You and Ishom can rot at the bottom of Helsis bay with the rest of your noble friends.”
“I didn’t mean it like that, Ishom said it not me.” Jarvis pleaded.
Folston turned his back on his cousin. “When I turn around you’d be best gone, and pray I don’t find you on the battlefield,” he growled as he walked purposefully over to Arch bishop Bethan and her crusaders.

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