Magic Compendium


Both players and NPCs have created unique spells, any of those spells will be documented here. These spells are created using the epic spell rules outlined in the D&D epic level handbook; that being said at the time of writing this no epic level spells have been created, they simply use the same rules for spell creation. Spells will be listed with a level, the class that can use them, and will indicate if they are considered “Ritual Magic”. Spell may be re-learned for another class if appropriate (A wizard cannot learn a clerics healing spell), but the character would need access to the original spell (either a spellbook or a scroll) and would need to re-research the spell. The “Creation DC” indicates the difficulty of learning the spell as is, this can be altered, but again, would require re-researching the spell.

Ritual magic in general will include any spell that takes more than 1 minute to cast, or requires more than 1 caster to participate. These spells are generally used by npcs, but there is no reason a player could not attempt to learn them. Some are quite rare, and can only be learned from certain types of creatures, or even a specific creature. The names of these spells are marked in Italics. Once a spell has been written on at least 5 scrolls and sold or otherwise disseminated throughout the world the spell is considered to be widely known (within a reasonable time length).

A ritual spell does not take up a spell slot, in other words it is not memorized at the beginning of the day. Such spells are still taking on any participants; a person can cast 1 ritual a day per 10 ranks in the relevant Knowledge Skill (Arcane for arcane casters, Religion for divine casters)


Jarvis’ Force Discus

School Conjuration Level Wizard/Sorcerer 2
Casting time 1 Standard Action
Components V,S
Range Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target 1, Ranged Touch
Duration Instant
Creation DC 15
Save None
Spell Resistance Yes

A disc of force is hurled from the casters hand, it does 1d4+2 damage per caster level (maximum of 20).

The only caster of this spell is Jarvis Pritchard, whereabouts currently unknown

Veiled Woods

School Illusion (Glamer) Level Druid Ritual
Casting time 26 days
Components V, S
Range Touch
Target 1 Touched Tree
Casters Required:3 with a level 2 spell slot; 10 with a level 1 spell slot
Duration Permanent
Casting DC 17
Save Will Negates
Spell Resistance No

After casting any participant in the ritual is able to touch 1 tree and grant the tree invisibility, permanently. The spell can be dismissed on an individual basis by the creature that touched the specific tree.

This spell is currently only cast by the Fey of the Granite Isles, the Dryad druid of the island knows the ritual.

Servitor Bargain

School Conjuration (Summoning) Level Ritual
Casting time 10 minutes
Components V, S, M (See Description)
Range Touch
Target Circle of Protection large enough to encompass the summoned creature
Casters Varies (see Description)
Duration Permanent
Casting DC 20 (for every CR above 2 of the creature, the casting DC increases by 2)
Save See Description
Spell Resistance See Description

The caster summons and telepathically bonds an outsider in to their service. A Circle of protection appropriate to the beings alignment must be made. The summoners must have an appropriate sacrifice to make and something that is relevant to the creature being summoned; for example to summon a fire elemental a fire would be required, for a angel a sanctified object. If the creature would normally be unwilling to come they are entitled to a saving throw.

Once the creature is summoned the bargain must be struck; if a deal cannot be reached the creature returns to it’s home plane. Once struck the creature is permanently telepathically bound to the summoner and the terms of the arrangement.
If the creature is destroyed, or the summoner killed the creature is returned to it’s home plane. If the terms of the contract are somehow broken by the summoner the creature is freed of it’s bonds but is able to remain in the material world if it chooses to.

This spell is primarily used by casters wishing to defend their homes, the terms of the deal often bind the creature to a specific place in the material world. The number of casters varies from group to group. Witches usually cast this with 3 people, 1 of which has a 5th level spell slot, the other two give up a second level spell.
Wizards and sorcerers usually cast this alone or with an apprentice. In the case of the former the caster must have a 8th level spell slot, in the case of the latter, the master gives up a 6th level spell slot, the apprentice a 2nd level spell. Often this is used to bind a celestial or demonic familiar.
Clerics often have a greater number of potential participants involved, potentially making it far easier to cast.

The number of participants needed is not specific, as long as they give up 15 points of Power per the following conversion chart

Spell Slot Points
1st 1
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 7
5th 9
6th 11
7th 13
8th 15
9th 17

Winter’s Embrace

School Abjuration Level Ritual
Casting time 10 minute
Components V, S
Range Personal
Target 10’ Radius centered around the caster
Casters 1
Duration 24 hours
Casting DC 14 (+4 each time the radius is doubled)
Save Will (harmless)
Spell Resistance No

The caster protects anyone within 10’ of her from the effects of cold weather for 24 hours. For every +4 to the Casting DC the caster can extend the reach of the spell and include more people. The spell does not prevent actual cold damage nor does it prevent any damage that may be associated with cold climates, just the effects of exposure.

Spirit of the Wolf

School Transmutation Level Ritual
Casting time 10 minutes
Components V, S, M
Range Personal
Target 20’ Radius
Casters 1
Duration 24 hours
Casting DC 18
Save Fortitude Negates
Spell Resistance Yes

Transforms any creatures within 20’ of the caster into dire wolves for 24 hours. The subjects retain their mental abilities but use the wolf’s physical attributes instead of their own.

The spell is generally used to transform a raiding party so that they may move faster, or on a scout to prevent suspicion from being raised if seen.

Only known to the Frost Giants of Yorinsguard

Dire Winter

School Evocation [Cold] Level Ritual
Casting time 1 minute
Components V,S, XP
Range 1,000 ft
Area 1,000 ft radius emenation
Casters 1
Duration 20 hours
Creation 2,871,000 gp; 58 days, 114,840 xp; Seed Energy (emenate 2d6 cold in 10’ radius) (DC 19). Factor: 100 times increase in base area (+400 DC). Mitigating factor: burn 10,000 xp (-100 DC)
Casting DC 319
Save None
Spell Resistance None

You summon winter. The creature or object you target emanates bitter cold to a radius of 1,000 feet for 20 hours. The emanated cold deals 2d6 point of damage per round against unprotected creatures (the target is susceptible if not magically protected or otherwise resistant to the energy). The intense cold freezes water out of the air, causing constant snowfall and wind. The snow and wind produce a blizzard effect within the area.

The elemental Drottinnis and Vyn’ru are able to cast this spell.

Magic Compendium

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