Races of Ordrun

While there are many other races that call Ordrun home, those below are the playable races.


The Dwarves of Ordrun are one of the two oldest races of Ordrun along with the giants. Often Xenophobic and distrustful of other races, they have reason to be. Their homeland is the Glistening Wall. That ancient homeland however was destroyed by the giants before man recorded history. Since then they have scattered building new halls deep beneath the earth where few of their previous masters can reach them.


The Elves of Ordrun were a feral race when the Dwarves were building their first cities. They prowled the forest free and wild. After the Giants civilization fell and the Dwarves scattered the Elves came into their own, building forest kingdoms that remained undiscovered and peaceful for thousands of years.


When the elves first began to practice magic they summon spirits of nature. Gateways to the Fey realms were and the gnomes were among those that passed through into Ordrun. They taught the elves of magic, music and art. Many now call Ordrun home and travel the world experiencing all they can.


The Halflings can be divided roughly into two groups, the city dwellers and the caravan people. Both are nomadic to a point. The city dwellers will rarely spend more than a decade in one city before moving on. The later group travels in caravans as large as a small town.


It is sometimes said by the older races that the humans were put on this world as a curse by the gods. Wherever they go they unearth secrets and disturb things best left alone.


The half-orcs were created in Arra’Kyn by Heron. He used them as muscle to keep his mines, forges and armies running so he could continue his conquest of Edrinos. Since the fall and exile they have spread throughout the world.


Tieflings are peculiarity of the Evermist; they are not necessarily a sign that a relative had relations with any sort of outsider, they are just born. The reason why remains unknown…

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