The following dates are on the Arranish calendar, the Exile from Arra’Kyn is the 0 year event.

Year -18 of the Exile
Men from the South Sailed north and landed on the shores of the Granite Isles, several settlements were formed on the isles as well as in the foothills of the Yorinsguard Mountains.

Year 0, The Exile
The Empire of Arra’Kyn fell, some of the population on the eastern coast flee Edrinos by sea, mostly to different regions of Iantha.

Year 13 of the Exile
Llynd attempts to annex the Free Cities. Successfully invades Hornguard.

Year 16 of the Exile
Stormcrest successfully throws Llynd out of Hornguard.

Year 19 of the Exile
Death of King Aderyn of Llynd. Tomen is 7, his mother Mari Weshian is Queen Regent; begins the Reign of the Mad Queen.

Year 24 of the Exile
Reign of the Mad Queen ends, Duke Tigh Mornay, Duke Henric Ishom, Earl William Brace, Earl Kael Black, and Earl Haag Trahaearn capture and imprison the Mad Queen. Alliance between Tigh and Henric is betrayed; Kael is murdered by Haag, William Brace fails to kill Henric who escapes into the woods of Anglin. Tigh Mornay takes over as Lord Regent.

Year 26 of the Exile
Tomen comes of age and takes the throne of Llynd.

Year 31 of the Exile
The Esia church within Llynd goes into upheaval with the death of Archbishop Tegan and the revelation that he was, in secret, a worshiper of Hextor. Many of the clergy supported Bethan in her campaign to root out exterminate heretics within the church. She attempt to capture her main rival Rhienholdt but through intervention by a group of adventurer’s he was smuggled out of the city and to the Yorin Vale.

Year 32 of the Exile
The Dwarven kingdom of Caire Morgen fell under attacks from the Duergar, only Dun Morgen survived the attack.

The Giants of the Yorinsguard Mountains destroyed the Goathan settlements in the Gothan Highlands.

Year 38 of the Exile
With the fall of the Dwarven kingdom in the Aild, and the raising of Skorn Llynd made a second attempt at taking the Free Cities.
Broke from the last war a plot was hatched. The Crown owed much of it’s debt to house Pritchards, if the family was not around to collect on the debt the funds could be used to fund another invasion. Duke William Brace and Duke Haag Trahaearn sent out their men to murder the Pritchards. Two members of the family survived, Jarvis Pritchard and Folston Halifax. The two cousin’s fled the city of Tywyn. Since this did remove anyone who could claim on the debt, the Dukes convinced Tomen Weshian to sanction another invasion.

An small group was sent into Stormcrest with a relic that empowers undead and they placed in the dead city. causing a wave of undead to erupt within the city itself. While the relic was never found, the undead were held back long enough to allow the Priests of Anakronox to seal the underground passages. Stormcrest was able to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Year 39 of the Exile
While the plot to undermine Stormcrest’s defenses was not successful the armies held through the winter. Llynd sent much of it’s forces south to conclude the war against the Free Cities. Worried that Ishom would use this opportunity to invade and make a claim on the throne. Duke Duke Haag Traharen reached out to Mellisa Skalder Daughter of Baron Ian Skalder. In return for granting her amnesty and a return to the court of Llynd she was to turn traitor and help Llynd end the rebellion.
Through the work of the exiled Pritchards & their companions the plot was stopped and the afforded Duke Ishom the chance that Llynd was afraid of.

Mellisa Skalderwas held in prison for questioning, in return for her freedom and the information she had on Llynd Folston Halifax agreed to marriage. Mellisa believed that should the Pritchards succeed she would then be the wife of someone in line to inherit a duchy.

Using the information gained from Mellisa Skalder Duke Ishom, Duke Ian Skalder and the Pritchards snuck their forces into the Capital city of Tywyn and plotted to capture King Tomen and his mother Queen Mari. Tomen was below the city attempting to use the Crown of Herod to control the dragon Gix; he failed and was killed by the dragon. Earl William Brace was killed in the fighting and Earl Haag Traharen escaped to parts unknown with a key that was taken from the dungeon. The dragon has not been seen since.

Bloodless Rebellion
With the Death of King Tomen Llynd fell into civil war. The remaining members of house Brace & Trahaearn supported Queen Mari as they had been able to manipulate her in the past. The Church of Esia supported Folston Halifax. Jarvis Pritchard was urged into his own bid by nobles that had been kept out of power by Brace & Traharen. Finally Duke Ishom had his own bid on the crown with the help of those that had supported his rebellion.

The rebellion lasted 7 months Henric Ishom Realizing his forces were outmatched threw his support behind Folston Halifax who controlled Tywyn with the help of the Esian crusaders. Jarvis Pritchard was outmaneuvered between the two and capitulated to Folston. With the three armies combined Queen Mari was crushed. She was imprisoned beneath Tywyn awaiting her trial, and Folston Halifax became King of Llynd.

Year 44 of the Exile (Current)
Folston Halifax and Mellisa have ruled for 5 years. Duke Ishom was given governance of the western province, the lands west of the Yorin River including the Woods of Anglin and north of Tywyn. Ian Skalder was raised to the level of a Duke and given lordship over the lands south of Tywyn, lands taken from the House Trahaearn and Brace as reparations. House Brace Remains in control of the Southeastern march, having accepted King Folston’s offer of Amnesty. Trahaearn has fled and is suspected to be in exile in the Howling Reach. Duke Caeden Voyle remains in control of the Northeastern march, also accepting the king’s mercy.
The National religion was abolished by order of the King. “No religion shall be sactioned by the crown, and all religions shall be welcome to practice such that they do not endanger the welfare of the people.” High Crusader Bethan was outspoken about this and remains a critic of the crown because of the perceived slight.

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