Adalbjorg Rankadottir

Heir of Ranka Helgidottir, Frost Giant Rebel


Adalbjorg has pale blue-ish green skin, with slate grey eyes and sky blue hair. Her face is marred along the left side by a burn scar from a fire elemental lord she fought off in the mines under Firg-Tholgin.


Adalbjorg is the second daughter of Ranka Helgidottir. She like her mother, rebelled when here tribe capitulated to the Fire Giant Arch Duke. They have allied with the Gothi from the Granite Isles to overthrow the Fire Giant Archduke and her sister, the traitorous Grey Witch.

She is young by giant standards but already a hero in her own right. She is deeply religious and prone to superstition. She will make no major decision without consulting a seer or priest. She, like her mother, is impressed with the capabilities of the Gothi, and finds that their cultures understand one another. She is however very wary of the Frost Giants position, if they loose, they are extinct. If they win, they may be wiped out by their gothi allies or left without any territory. She must find a place for her people…

Adalbjorg Rankadottir

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