Mari Mornay

Mad Queen Mari, Mother of Tomen Weshian - Deceased, beheaded under orders of Folston Halifax


Mari is a tall woman, 5’10. She may have once been beautiful but her madness has driven her to the brink of starvation as she often believes her food has been poisoned. She spend a great deal of coin to make sure her gowns and other clothing is as grand as possible, a visual reminder that she is queen least others forget it and try to overstep their bounds. She is prone to outbursts of temper.


When the ships from Arra Kyn landed in the Settling Duke Mornay was the first to arrive, he founded the city of Tywyn. When the other nobles made thier way up Helsis Bay there was a brief stand off with then Prince Aderyn Weshian and the other nobles under his command. Aderyn’s forces out numbered Mornay’s. Rather than let things dissolve an agreement was reached and Aderyn married Mornay’s second daughter Mari. She was 16 at the time.

Those who knew her say she was always extremely emotional and disinclined to trust anyone. She was ill prepared for the nest of intrigue in the royal court. This only pushed her belief that others were plotting against her. When Aderyn died she saw conspiracy, and slipped fully into madness. There followed three weeks in which she ordered daily executions from the small folk up to knights. It was during this time that the nobles, including her father, truly did conspire against her, taking young Tomen Weshian they forced her to make Duke Mornay Lord Regent until Tomen’s 15th birthday.

During the Bloodless Rebellion Mari was the figurehead behind which Duke Mornay rallied support. When Folston Halifax took the Tywyn Mari refused to surrender, she was imprisoned and eventually beheaded along with those who would not bend knee.

Mari Mornay

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