Tegan Wainson

Arch bishop of Esia, secret leader of the cult of Hedun - Deceased - Killed by adventurers


Tegan is an thin elder man, while not frail or an invalid he is not as strong as he once was. He has light brown eyes, but his black hair has long gone completely grey.


Tegan was originally a priest of Esia. He served Esia in secret against the Warlock King Heron. He was in his heart envious of the nobility of which he could not be a part. When Arra’kyn anger took root in Tegan’s heart; he felt Esia had not done enough to save the fallen kingdom.

After the Exile he was a major factor in many of the common folk that chose not to settle in the Lowlands and to stay with the nobility when they sailed up the inlet north. While he proclaimed that it was folly and unsafe for the survivors to separate, their greatest chance of survival in staying together, in truth he sought to ingratiate himself to the nobility. He saw the Exile as a opportunity for him to gain the power and status that he had been denied in his homeland.

When the religion of Anakronox began to spread out of the Lowlands and into Llynd Tegan again felt betrayed by his god. As he lost followers to the interloper religion he turned away from Esia and sought a religion that was willing to promise him his long deserved due. He found that religion in Hedun, the religion he had fought against in his youth.

Tegan Wainson

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