The Woods of Anglin are a largely deciduous, oak, maple, beech and elm trees. As with the Mir to the northeast it is both a geographic location and in a way a political entity.

Originally part of the Mir, it has been a battleground between the elves, the giants of the Yorinsguard mountains and the drow that live beneath the woods for generations.

When men again made landfall in the Evermist the Elven leaders turned over the Woods of Anglin to the Humans of Llynd. By Giving over the western reach of the woods the elves believed they could control where man would intrude. They hoped as well that the humans would then be forced against their enemies and serve as a buffer against incursions.

The plan may well have worked however the elves that had fought to make a life in the Anglin wood felt betrayed by the Mir and broke off ties with their brethren. Mostly of the Warrior & Worker caste they function under a sort of Military Confederacy. The individual settlements are governed individually but all contribute to a common defense. A defense which is now fighting two wars, against the woodsman from Llynd, and the Drow that see the weekend unity as an opportunity.


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