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Iantha The Evermist

Caire Morgen

The oldest surviving kingdom in the Evermist. The dwarves claim the area known as the Aild for themselves. Under the Savannah they have built an empire of stone. The mountain known as Iron Spike towers above the plains the largest source of iron in Evermist

Free Commonwealth

The Free Commonwealth is a loose confederacy of the cities in the Lowlands. They were the first settled by Humans after the Exile; mostly commoners and slaves of the Arra’Kyn nobility. Those that saw their chance at freedom and took it.


After the Exile the refugees fled to the Evermist. While many commoners chose to settle the Lowlands the nobility and those that held with thier vows to serve went north seeking gentler climates in which to live. They found those in the shelter of the Settling. An area on the west bank of Helsis Bay, and bordered by the Woods of Mir and Anglin


The Mir is both the name of the homeland of the elves in the Evermist and the name of the most powerful organization in the Elven government, the Mir. The forest Mir is north of the Settling and east of the Yorinsguard Mountains, To the north is the Shattering, the great scar from which poor the mists that the country is known for.

Gothan Highlands

An arctic mountainous area around the northern Yorinsguard Mountains. For many centuries it was left largely uninhabited by the humanoid races. Before the Exile, the men known as the Gothi settled the territory, claiming it and giving it their name.

Granite Isles

There are a number of islands off the western coast of the Evermist, while they are collectively known as the Granite Isles it is usually the larger two islands people are referring to when they speak of the isles.



Uldia is an ancient Empire, in some ways it predates even Arra’kyn. Uldian legend says that they once hold sway over all the north, including the Evermist. Some great calamity caused the fall of much of this empire. During the dark age of mankind that followed, Uldia survived. Unwelcome by the Elves and Dwarves they made no claim on to the Evermist. However, with the return of man to the peninsula Uldia has sent forces across the Howling Reach. As noone has heard from Uldia in centuries, what they might want is anyone’s guess.



The fallen human kingdom. Arra’Kyn was a militaristic kingdom ruled by King-priests, the last of which was Heron, the Warlock King. His final effort to conquer the remaining territory of Edrinos lead to the fall of the kingdom and the Exile.

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